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Considerations for procurement of durable credits


When sourcing projects for investment, hexTerra considers the below criteria: 


Avoidance v. Removal:

Does a project prevent CO2 from being emitted, or remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere? 


Measurement and crediting accuracy: 

Has a project accurately reported on activities that directly translate to avoidance/removal of CO2? 

What is the risk that more credits are issued than achieved?

Is the project registered with a reputable third party? 



Does a credit purchased and retired lead to CO2 being avoided/sequestered that would not have otherwise happened? 


What is the risk that carbon avoided/removed by the project will not remain for the time committed? 


What is the project's sustained impact over time on biodiversity, local communities, and other

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Project maturity: 

What is the current state of funding for the project? 

Has a project completed a pilot, or generated credits and tested a plan of execution? 

hexTerra evaluates and mitigates the below risk categories through diligence and deal structuring 

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 17.26.28.png

To discuss any of the above in greater detail, please get in touch

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