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Utilizing advanced market purchases to accelerate carbon removal

hexTerra exists to plug the financing gap for developers scaling sequestration technologies and techniques to the market by providing prepayment on carbon credit offtake contracts to developers at a significant market discount. 

The global temperature is rising at a tremendous rate

​​The ten warmest years in historical record have all occurred after 2010.

2022 was the sixth-warmest year on record, with a surface temperature 1.55 °F (0.86 °Celsius) warmer than the 20th century and pre-industrial records, when recording initially began. 

That extra heat is catalyzing natural extremes, including intense heatwaves and droughts, heavy rainfall and resulted flooding, reduced snow cover and sea ice, and has changes the habitat of critical plants and animals. 

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A reduction in emissions isn't enough 

We need to rely on a blend of emissions reductions and carbon removals to meet global net-zero targets and mitigate additional warming, from both natural and technical sources.


A combination of scaling resilient avoidance and removal projects is necessary to succeed in reaching any of the current pathways, with offsets in the voluntary market playing a vital role in decarbonization.


Sourcing durable solutions

While corporates and organizations can achieve much of the necessary reduction by adopting new technologies, energy sources, and operating practices, offsets are critical to supplement aggressive abatement efforts. 


A robust, effective voluntary market creates streams of trustworthy carbon credits, allowing organizations to progress with additional, cost effective paths to decarbonization. 

hexTerra intends to accelerate the creation of responsible carbon solutions that have the potential to be low-cost and high-volume in the near-term. We evaluate and consider avoidance and removal projects that meet the following criteria:

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We seek projects that store carbon permanently (>100 years), or in the case of avoidance projects, have sustained impact on emissions reductions (ex: cookstoves). 


We assess projects to ensure the total removal or reductions would not have occurred without the  revenue from carbon credit generation, confirming a credit isn't being double counted. 


We lean on rigorous peer review to validate that a project's methodology has robust and transparent methods of monitoring and verification, partnering with a rich network of experienced and respected climate scientists,


We invest in projects where we can influence significant shifts in behavioral patterns, and apply a multigenerational lens to assure that appropriate incentives are deployed to maintain the health of these sustained practice changes. 


We subscribe to the Carbon Core Principles throughout our procurement process and partner with developers who share our passion for driving transparency in the voluntary market, leveraging industry-specialized counsel to authenticate a project's legality.

This is us. 

4+ decades of combined experience in commodity production, global supply chains, and sustainability 

180,000 tons purchased through existing investments 

$500m+ arranged and structured in energy and transportation investments in the US and emerging markets using project finance 

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