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Accelerating climate impact through carbon credit investments


hexTerra delivers financing solutions tailored to the unique nature of carbon markets, providing: 

Advanced market purchases and scaling capital to developers of carbon removal. 

High-quality supply from our diversified portfolio to buyers of carbon credits.  

"All pathways that limit global warming to 1.5C with limited or no overshoot project the use of carbon dioxide removal on the order of 100-1000GtCO over the 21st century." 

"Summary for Policymakers,"

IPCC Climate Change 2023 Synthesis Report 

Sourcing durable solutions

While corporates and organizations can achieve much of the necessary reduction by adopting new technologies, addressing energy sources, and adjusting operating practices, offsets are critical to supplement aggressive abatement efforts. 


A robust, effective voluntary market creates streams of trustworthy carbon credits, allowing organizations to progress with additional, cost effective paths to decarbonization. 

hexTerra evaluates and considers avoidance and removal projects that meet the following criteria:


We seek projects that store carbon permanently (>100 years), or in the case of avoidance projects, have sustained impact on emissions reductions (e.g., cookstoves). 


We assess projects to ensure the total removal or reductions would not have occurred without the  revenue from carbon credit generation, confirming a credit isn't being double counted. 


We lean on rigorous peer review to validate that a project's methodology has robust and transparent methods of monitoring and verification, partnering with a network of experienced and respected climate scientists.


We invest in projects where we can impact significant shifts in behavioral patterns, assuring that sustainable incentives are deployed to maintain the health of any practice changes. 


We subscribe to the Carbon Core Principles throughout our procurement process and partner with developers who share our passion for driving transparency in the voluntary market, leveraging industry-specialized counsel to authenticate a project's legitmacy.

Leveraging scaling capital to address developer and buyer needs 

hexTerra provides scaling capital deployed as advanced market purchases to project developers in return for carbon credits, unlocking access to traditional sources of capital for future growth. 

For buyers of carbon credits, hexTerra offers exposure to a varied supply of high-quality credits from a risk-adjusted, diversified portfolio, without the need to administer prepayment. 

Read more about how we mitigate risk

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Project Developer

Receives non-dilutive capital to scale operations, and a long-term preferred financing partner with aligned incentives 

Carbon Credit Buyer 

Receives access to high-quality carbon credits that are evaluated with hexTerra's robust diligence process, without the need for prepayment

We look forward to updating you as the market evolves in the months to come. 

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